SuperWASP-South Live Status - ReadMe
Last updated 21/06/06 PFLM

Readings and images are from the weather mast next to the SuperWASP enclosure.
UTC Amber/red if data is more than a few minutes old.
Rain Red if either rain detector is currently detecting rain.
Wind Red is the wind speed is too high for SuperWASP observations, amber if it is close to this limit.
Text External temperatuer from a Vaisala sensor in Celsius
Storm Distance to nearest thunder storm in miles from a lightning strike detector in the enclosure.
RH% External relative humidity. Coloured red/amber if this reading is high because the roof will be closed to prevent condensation on the instrument.
Text - Tdew   Tdew is the temperature at which dew will start to form. Another measure of humidity.
Cloud Cloud cover above SuperWASP. Does not detect cirrus. Does not work when the sensor is wet (see rainB). The value is parentheses is the difference between the sky temperature (measured with an infrared sensor) and the local temperature (-Rel Sky Temp.). High values of -Rel Sky Temp. correspond to clear skies, a value less than 20-30 indicates cloud.
RainV Vaisala detector. A thick blue line is displayed at the bottom of the Rain/cloud plot for times when a rain drop has been detected within the last 2 minutes.
RainB Boltwood detector. A thick red line is displayed at the bottom of the Rain/cloud plot for times when the cloud sensor is wet.