1256UT 01/29/22 : Unable to connect to SuperWASP South since 0833UT 01/14/22
WASP-South Live weather and status
UTC Rain Wind (km/h) Text RH% Text - TDew Cloud
N/A N/A (Err 1)
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TCS status 1925UT 01/15/19 ERROR wxd is not running Roof absent
Humidity/wind Temperature/dew-point Rain/cloud Moon phase
SALT weather SAAO weather
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Almanac Sunset/Sunrise Nautical twilight Astronomical twilight
Evening 1954 SAST 1754 UT 2048 SAST 1848 UT 2124 SAST 1924 UT
Morning 0539 SAST 0339 UT 0445 SAST 0245 UT 0410 SAST 0210 UT
Public access Restricted access
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